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OMD FWD w/c July 4th

The ride-sharing app Uber has developed a new technology that it plans on using to track driver behaviour. Designed to improve passenger safety the technology will specifically monitor if drivers are travelling too fast or braking too harshly. Uber and drivers will receive data about their driving performance, along with safety tips on how they can improve their journey. Partnering with the Governor’s Highway Safety Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving this announcement shows a true dedication to using cutting edge technology and data to not only improve consumer experience but in the long run, save lives. The shift in ambition demonstrates how important aspects such as efficiency, safety and the environment now are in the automotive industry and their business objectives. With these aspects being increasingly important to consumers we expect to see a rise in automotive businesses focussing their attention on purposeful product development and marketing that not only engages the consumer but benefits their livelihood. Read, learn and share away.


  • Apple plans to acquire the artist owned streaming service Tidal
  • Snapchat announces Chat 2.0, aimed at combining video, audio, stickers and GIFs
  • Facebook Messenger for business updates galore (including GIFs, obviously)


  • Memes, EU citizens and Canada. What the UK digital fallout from Brexit can tell us?
  • Why Facebook algorithm shift toward friend and family content is good news for social video
  • How Uber plan to use mobile technology to track employee driving performance


  • Hologram Karaoke is a thing and means you could take the stage with your favourite artist in the future
  • Apple patents technology which could prevent people using their iPhones to film at gigs, but have released 4 new emoji packs to make up for it
  • Old Spice have launched an 8 bit social game and you’re the star


  • Speaking of social gaming, remember Farmville? How social gaming can suffer from an over-reliance on Facebook
  • More Brexit? What we can learn from opposing Brexit social media strategies
  • What are the possibilities of Oculus Rift lifting it’s device restrictions

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