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Meet Vivian Tram, Senior Programmatic Planner for OMD

Vivian moved to London to join the OMD Programmatic team back in June. The only downside for her so far has been getting used to the London weather! We caught up with Vivian to understand a bit more about her role and the path she took to get where she is today.

What does a typical day in the life of a Senior Programmatic Planner look like?

I would say that I do not have a typical day!  With such a vast array of clients, I am literally working on something new each day. Most of my time, you can find me analysing data and numbers to find ways to optimise campaigns. I also spend time building reports for clients to help them understand the steps we have taken and the insights we have uncovered. Moreover, I take part in briefing sessions for clients and pitches, brainstorming ways to make programmatic work for them.

Can you tell us a bit about your role and the path you took to get here?

After graduating university, I worked as a tax accountant for a year.  I quickly came to the realisation that my dream of spending the rest of my life as an accountant was bleak. So, I decided to join OMD Sydney in April 2014 as a Digital Assistant.

Thrusting myself into the new world of advertising, I landed with an amazing team of enthusiastic traders looking after a major Australian telco client.  Working on their dedicated trading desk (one I have been lucky enough to work with again in London), I learned the ins and outs about digital and, more importantly, programmatic.

Making the leap to London, I joined OMD Programmatic back in June. I have been lucky enough to work on a diverse portfolio of clients including Intel, Footlocker, Allergan, Hilton and Sony Pictures. I would have to say that the only unlucky part is getting used to the London weather!

If you weren’t working on the OMG Programmatic team where would you be working and why?

I would probably still be working up the corporate ladder at an accounting firm somewhere. Most likely, I would be an Audit or Tax accountant doing the same thing every day!

Your favourite thing about OMD/OMG Programmatic is?

The team!  I work with an amazing, intelligent and supportive group of people who are always willing to pitch in to help. They share knowledge and learnings on campaigns they have previously worked on. I am learning new things about the industry every week!

 Any advice for those looking to follow in your footsteps?

If you love numbers and are curious to work in a space where new technologies and ideas are emerging every day, programmatic advertising is a fascinating space to start! Be curious, ask lots of questions and be willing to learn all the time as the industry is always changing.

Want to search for a job now? Explore current openings at OMD. You can also find out more about life at OMD with #OMDLife

OMD partners with Facebook across EMEA to launch e-learning initiative

As part of their regional development programme, OMD EMEA is joining forces with Facebook to launch a bespoke e-learning initiative. 

 OMD is the first agency to launch an initiative at such scale, placing an importance on inspiring teams as to how to fully leverage Facebook’s growing product portfolio to drive greater results for their clients. This initiative is part of OMD’s Pivot strategy across the region which is focused on moving the company from a reliance on purely ‘transactional media’ to delivering ‘marketing performance’ for their clients. To drive further product integration and usage OMD will select 45 participants from the programme who will become Blueprint Agency Ambassadors ensuring all new product opportunities are then cascaded through OMD in real time.

 The OMD Facebook Challenge is a custom learning path within Facebook Blueprint, offering three levels of product immersion. The twomonth competition kicks off in May for all 6,500 OMD employees from across EMEA. With over six hours of learning across three levels, the programme will accelerate OMD’s delivery of innovative solutions via the Facebook and Instagram platforms and drive further beta tests both regionally and locally.

The bespoke programme, developed by Paul Coleman, Chief Collaboration Officer, and Alice Monfort, Team Development Director at OMD EMEA, with Christian Kimberley-Bowen, Agency Development Lead EMEA, Facebook, is part of Nikki Mendonça’s digital integration drive across the region. Mendonça said: “As the Facebook opportunity continues to grow it is critically important that all our teams fully leverage their extensive product and platform portfolio. The offering is rapidly expanding from a social marketing opportunity to a mass immersive broadcast platform with mobile commerce now becoming a reality. This is truncating the so called purchase funnel quite dramatically with awareness to purchase happening in just 30 seconds. For some of our clients, fully optimising these platforms is becoming a mandatory marketing requirement”.

Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA, Facebook commented: “As the digital landscape evolves, so do we and it’s important we keep our agency partners up to speed on our products and services. OMD continue to be one of our strongest partners  and supporting the development of their EMEA agency talent is key to our partnership. We are excited to introduce the OMD Facebook Challenge at such scale within Facebook Blueprint and to launch the Blueprint Agency Ambassador program with OMD across the region”.

To find out more about The OMD Facebook Challenge please contact [email protected]

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