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OMD FWD w/c 4th December

Hello and welcome to your weekly FWD! This week, Spotify CMO Seth Farbman has revealed why its data-driven outdoor ads “2018 Goals” work so well. Our personal favourite:

Avoid the “medical professionals” who added these songs to operating room playlists:
– Stressed Out
– Can’t Feel My Face
– Stairway to Heaven
– Say You Won’t Let Go

But Spotify are not the only ones that are revolutionising OOH…Volvo has built a lightening-powered billboard! Spotify listeners, you can also find out how many minutes of music you’ve listened to this year here. #2017Wrapped



  • Data visualisation into how ideological networks create the political bubble we digitally live in
  • A deeper insight into Spotify’s latest inspired use of data in marketing
  • When was Android an independent? A timeline of all the company buyouts that Google/Alphabet have made



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