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OMD FWD w/c 14th May

Hello and welcome to your weekly FWD. 

This week you can drop it like it’s… a bitcoin, as the likes of Snoop Dogg gather for Blockchain Week to discuss crypto and the future of digital payments. Facebook’s jumping on the bandwagon with their own cryptocurrency,where you’ll be one click away from buying that celeb-status product straight from an ad that you really don’t need. Just don’t Google it – the Silicon Valley giant isn’t totally on board.

As you start to hit your ‘new’ button on Outlook, do so with the optimism that soon enough programs like Gmail could write your emails for you using AI to ‘smart compose’ messages. Let’s just hope auto-correct is on the ball with this one.  





How brands are turning to virtual influencers but they must still to take safety seriously and protect themselves from rights challenges

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OMD FWD w/c Dec 5th

This week’s OMD FWD looks even further into the future as we explore the exciting prospect of self-driving Uber cars, the growing opportunities for brands as smart home devices integrate into our lives and the pros and cons of some over-zealous ‘BS Detector’ plug-ins protecting us from the scourge of fake news. Do not fear, we haven’t looked past Christmas and have thrown in a few of the best Christmas ads so far. From Manning Gottlieb’s activation of John Lewis’ #BusterTheBoxer and Waitrose’s #HomeFor Christmas to Burberry, Macy’s and Tiffany’s, we are sure they will get you into the festive spirit.





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OMD FWD w/c May 30th

Climbing partners Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger have Snapchatted their month-long journey to Mount Everest’s summit, posting photos and videos daily to their shared account EverestNoFilter. The two experienced mountaineers wanted to share the magic of the world’s tallest mountain with people around the world who probably won’t climb it in their lifetime. There were of course some logistical issues linked to sending a snap from a remote outpost like Everest. Getting signal from the 29,035 foot summit was one major challenge in itself! Richards is only one of about 200 people that have successfully climbed Everest without the use of extra oxygen, but the fact his phone couldn’t make it is a good reminder that Mother Nature still imposes limits. As always, share anything interesting you spot with #OMDFWD


  • Twitter set to drop their Buy button, 8 months after its launch
  • Google is now the largest media owner in the world, controlling 12% of all global media spend
  • Spotify is allowing brands to sponsor the most popular playlists
  • Google turns to Google Maps as its latest source of ad revenue


  • Find out how the recent Instagram changes affect your marketing
  • Publishers’ Facebook videos are shared 7 times more than links
  • Why changing your app’s logo can make an impact on engagement


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