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Meet Tia-Nicole Knight, OMD Intern from the FastForward Programme

Tia-Nicole Knight took part in the FastForward programme last year and is now an intern at OMD. One of her highlights was finding out about cookies and how they support websites. Before she started the course she had only heard of the cookies you eat. We sat down with Tina-Nicole to find out more about her FastForward experience.

How did you get involved in the FastForward programme and why did it appeal to you?

Last year, OMD and Citizens UK came to present at my college. At first, the programme didn’t appeal to me as I was studying creative media rather than digital. I thought it might be too technical for my skillset, but I soon realised it was a great opportunity. After completing my application form and successfully passing a group interview, I was invited to JP Morgan’s offices. This is where we were told what we would be covering over the next six months and nine sessions.

Did you find it challenging with your existing studies?

During the 6 months, I managed to keep up with all my studies, except for one session. Fortunately, the other students shared notes, so I was able to catch up quickly.

Which part of the course did you like most?

My favourite session was on ‘Data Handling’ where I learnt how to target audiences using a tool called TGI. I really enjoyed this as we had to create a story around the data.  My group came up with an INSANE idea with widows, betrayal, death, murder, partying, laughter, sadness and cleaning products! Everyone laughed when we presented, but we still managed to show that we understood the concept.

From the sessions, what did you learn that surprised you?

When I first heard about coding, I started thinking ‘woah this must be like, what hackers do’. I thought there was going to be an overload of knowledge throughout the session. However, it was explained so clearly that in the end I had a semi-clear idea of what it was. I still struggle to understand it fully, but it’s really complex!

What advice would you give to others thinking of participating in the FastForward programme?

Be yourself! Anyone can get experience, be punctual and show up for sessions. But, it’s your personality and unique qualities that are hard to find. Show that you stand out from the crowd with your creativity and other skills!

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Meet Vivian Tram, Senior Programmatic Planner for OMD

Vivian moved to London to join the OMD Programmatic team back in June. The only downside for her so far has been getting used to the London weather! We caught up with Vivian to understand a bit more about her role and the path she took to get where she is today.

What does a typical day in the life of a Senior Programmatic Planner look like?

I would say that I do not have a typical day!  With such a vast array of clients, I am literally working on something new each day. Most of my time, you can find me analysing data and numbers to find ways to optimise campaigns. I also spend time building reports for clients to help them understand the steps we have taken and the insights we have uncovered. Moreover, I take part in briefing sessions for clients and pitches, brainstorming ways to make programmatic work for them.

Can you tell us a bit about your role and the path you took to get here?

After graduating university, I worked as a tax accountant for a year.  I quickly came to the realisation that my dream of spending the rest of my life as an accountant was bleak. So, I decided to join OMD Sydney in April 2014 as a Digital Assistant.

Thrusting myself into the new world of advertising, I landed with an amazing team of enthusiastic traders looking after a major Australian telco client.  Working on their dedicated trading desk (one I have been lucky enough to work with again in London), I learned the ins and outs about digital and, more importantly, programmatic.

Making the leap to London, I joined OMD Programmatic back in June. I have been lucky enough to work on a diverse portfolio of clients including Intel, Footlocker, Allergan, Hilton and Sony Pictures. I would have to say that the only unlucky part is getting used to the London weather!

If you weren’t working on the OMG Programmatic team where would you be working and why?

I would probably still be working up the corporate ladder at an accounting firm somewhere. Most likely, I would be an Audit or Tax accountant doing the same thing every day!

Your favourite thing about OMD/OMG Programmatic is?

The team!  I work with an amazing, intelligent and supportive group of people who are always willing to pitch in to help. They share knowledge and learnings on campaigns they have previously worked on. I am learning new things about the industry every week!

 Any advice for those looking to follow in your footsteps?

If you love numbers and are curious to work in a space where new technologies and ideas are emerging every day, programmatic advertising is a fascinating space to start! Be curious, ask lots of questions and be willing to learn all the time as the industry is always changing.

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