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Learnings from week one of the Olympics

Despite the worries and bad press surrounding these Olympic Games, thus far, the spirit of the Olympics is alive and well in Rio. The Americans are putting on quite the show, winning 75 medals, followed by China with 46 and Great Britain winning 41 so far, with more to come.

Once again marketers are rising to the occasion and creating ads worthy of Olympic gold, delivering some of the most impactful creative and sharable content we’ve seen. VIBE is our multi-channel storytelling engine for the Olympic which mines audience behavioral insights around specific topics, producing and deploying content based on these insights.

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Learnings from week one…

As the games progress, topics discussed have switched to sports and culture. Much of the conversations focused on Rio as a whole inclusive of the games, issues, and culture – while sports specifically only took off once the games started.Olympics

Although the IOC (The International Olympic Committee) and the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) have warned both athletes and non-sponsoring businesses against using Olympic trademarks on social media and in their content marketing campaigns, making it harder for brands to cash in on the Olympic theme, there are many brands who are doing it right and earning gold. Brands can benefit from their Olympic heritage, such as P&G with another Thank You, Mom commercial for the Rio 2016 Olympics which has over 21M YouTube views to date.

Sponsored or featured athletes can boost a brand’s image as well as shareability. The legend of Michael Phelps continued to grow in Rio as did his Under Armour, Rule Yourself creative, which has over 10M YouTube views. It is the most shared Olympic spot ever.

Sports themed brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Puma benefit from positive Olympic sentiment even if they’re not official sponsors. From designing uniforms to sponsoring athletes, sports brands are winning hearts all over the internet. Great creative, compelling stories and gold medal athletes help to build a brand.

We will be comparing pre-Olympic to during-Olympic consumer sentiment in our next update, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out our daily infographics at vibesays.com or send us an email at [email protected].

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