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Brands Can’t Afford To Underestimate The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly, fulled by tech giant investment and disruptive entrants. However, the risk, as with so many earlier technologies, is that companies will focus on what the machines are capable of rather than what customers want. To keep you informed, we will be curating regular AI updates from our proprietary Retail Revolution study, news sources and industry statistics.


  • 22% of Europeans surveyed are already using AI and another 41% would like to get an AI device or app[ctt_hbox link=”fRLdl” via=”no” ][/ctt_hbox]
  • Half of Europeans have used a digital assistant. Although Amazon Echo is not the most used to date across our research panel, it is the most liked [ctt_hbox link=”vG6we” via=”no” ][/ctt_hbox]
  • Those who are willing to share data are over 60% more likely to use mobile AI assistants including Google Home, Amazon Echo and Microsoft Cortana [ctt_hbox link=”1Ue_W” via=”no” ] https://ctt.ec/1Ue_W+[/ctt_hbox]



  • According to McKinsey’s, tech giants spent an estimated $20 billion to $30 billion on AI in 2016 globally
  • In 2015, messaging apps surpassed social networks as reported by Business Insider
  • Gartner forecasts that by 2019 AI platform services will cannibalise revenues for 30% of marketing-leading companies

AI has the ability to drastically change the way brands can interact with people. The question for brands is how best to employ AI to create these experiences of the future. Embracing a consumer-focused planning approach ensures that you will consider the lives and routines of one or several of your target audiences, as well as the rights and role of the brand in these moments.

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OMD FWD w/c July 11th

Since the last major sporting summer event, World Cup 2014, the creative possibilities on Twitter have evolved hugely. Last year Twitter announced that video views increased 150-fold year on year, with the emergence of Periscope bringing the power of live video to the fore. Emojis continue to redefine how people communicate online. In fact the “kissing” emoji alone was used 6.6 billion times on Twitter last year, taking on a language of its own. And new features such as Twitter Moments, Stickers, GIFS and polls have provided a new layer to how people and brands can express themselves in a tweet. To reflect this, Twitter’s Director of Brand Strategy, Laurent Buanece, has analysed some of the the biggest brand campaigns supported across Europe during #EURO2016 to determine a top five including, #OrangeSponsorsYou, Vauxhall’s #GETIN and Volkswagen’s real-time emoji updates. From tweets powering an Eiffel Tower light show to fixture downloads, Twitter now demonstrates the breadth of creativity and innovation now available on the platform. We look forward to seeing how brands continue to connect with consumers as the summer of sport moves towards #Rio2016. Read, learn and share away.





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