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OMD FWD w/c April 3rd

Hello and welcome this week’s OMD FWD. Know that while we wanted to include a veritable feast of fake news and April foolery, we’ve limited these to the ‘Cool’ section. Everything else is totally ‘legit’, promise…

This week saw a milestone day for the world of mobile, as Android internet usage during March overtook Windows PCs, albeit by less than 1%. Whilst this could have been predicted with smartphone shipments overtaking PCs six years ago it is still a sign of how important smartphones have become to many people. Elsewhere, Reddit and Vive have announced new and improved services. Reddit has revamped its self-service advertising offering whilst HTC with Vive has introduced VR ad’s, offering immersive and effective impressions. With VR now offering a clear advertising opportunity it will be interesting to see how brands react.





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