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Renault Business Booster

85% of Italian businesses are family-run; however, families working and living in close proximity can cause disagreements and ultimately put the business at risk. Thanks to their range of commercial vehicles, Renault has a wealth of experience with family enterprises and wanted to come to the rescue with an innovative solution that would help improve internal management. In partnership with Google For Work, Renault developed a dedicated app allowing fathers and sons to work together at a distance. The app provides a set of digital tools, such as folders, memo documents, delivery schedules, etc., to help them share their work, without sharing a physical workspace. The Renault Business Booster allows dads and their sons to have space from each other during the working day and to come back together in their spare time, saving their businesses and relationships.


To demonstrate the power of the Renault Business Booster in real-life situations and stay true to the client’s positioning of ‘success boosters’, OMD targeted craftsmen, small entrepreneurs and the owners of family enterprises. We selected channels and content with high affinity to this group, adopting a seamless approach where media channels and content merged. A direct affiliation campaign drove app downloads, while a partnership with Mediamond allowed us to produce a TV show to bring real family business stories to life. ‘SOS Family Business’, a four-part series, aired on Mediaset channels in prime time and was supported by online video on popular sport websites, stories about fathers and sons in a major local magazine and content on Renault and Mediamond’s social channels.

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The final chapter of this fully integrated story was the launch of a roadshow which took Renault’s new range of commercial vehicles to 100 Italian cities. Consumers were given the chance to participate in events, interact with the app and sit behind the wheel of one of the new vehicles with exclusive test drives.


  • 79,000 app downloads
  • Over 29,000 digital media impressions (+45% impression delivery)
  • 5m interactive video views
  • 2m TV reach
  • 41%+ of Twitter followers
  • 11,391 new sales leads
  • 40%+ commercial vehicles sold vs. 2014
  • 1 importer of commercial vehicles in Italy in 2015

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