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OMD FWD w/c 1st October

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Instagram takes centre stage this week as its’ two co-founders step down from the company for undisclosed reasons. Sensing an opportunity to make the most of the uncertainty over at Facebook HQ, Snapchat launched ‘Bounce’, its own variation of Instagram’s ‘Boomerang’. A clear clap back to a company notorious at copying features. Snap is also rolling out self-serve shoppable ads as it looks to boost its e-commerce offering with ‘a multitude of updates’.

If you’re not visually searching, then how are you doing it? This new tech is gaining traction with the likes of Snapchat linking visual search to Amazon listings, allowing its camera to point at a physical item and bringing up its product listing directly. The Visual Search Report 2018 details marketing applications for visual search, as well as why it’s good at answering questions that are hard to verbalise and how it creates a rich media experience. Eyes wide open for this trend.



  • Why Retailers need to get ahead with Visual Search Trends
  • BARB data now pulls in TV sets, tablets, PCs and smartphones however this doesn’t include Netflix and Amazon Prime viewing
  • Tim Berners Lee is building the next stage of the internet, an open-source project called Solid


  • How to find and play Google’s hidden game
  • Snapchat links visual search to Amazon listings, taking away the pain for customers of crawling the internet to find that one thing you had spotted and wanted
  • Easyjet curates holidays ideas based on Instagram images uploaded into their app


  • How are teens using social media today? Deep dive here
  • How Video OOH (VOOH) is challenging online and social
  • Listen to this Podcast interviewing the Instagram founders and what they think will happen in the future of tech

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