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Channel 4- Hunted

Could you go off the grid and evade capture from some of the UK’s leading surveillance experts? Hunted was a new thriller from Channel 4 that challenged 14 people to do exactly that, with trained detectives snapping at their heels as they were on the run.

OMD UK’s challenge was to launch the show and ultimately get people to tune in.

The Idea

With one surveillance camera for every 11 people in the UK, the show would make viewers imagine life on the run. OMD UK used this fact to do something that has never done before – they turned media into surveillance equipment and recreated the paranoia of being hunted.

The team brought the ‘invisible net’ of the surveillance power of the UK to life, putting people in the shoes of ‘the hunted’ and showing the difficulty of the task they were facing.

Hunted 3

Making it Happen

OMD UK developed a staggering 325 different creative messages that ran across 114 formats on 37 media channels. Each ad was personal, reaching them in places they least expected and surprising them as they went about their day. Every single creative was contextually aligned with each individual media format:

  • ATM cash machine screens told you to ‘cut up your card’
  • Personalised Starbucks cups said ‘Don’t tell anyone your name’
  • Public transport said to ‘hide your face’
  • Travel card wallets told you ‘This is a tracking device’
  • Receipts warned you ‘you’ve told them where you are, run’
  • Petrol stations advised you to ‘abandon your car’
  • Beer mats proclaimed ‘you have no mates’
  • Mirrors said to ‘change your identity’
  • Club stamps told people to ‘give a false name’
  • Train panels instructed you to ‘leave town and never come back’
  • Public telephones warned you to ‘never call your family’
  • Public toilets told you to ‘leave no trace’
  • Roadside panels advised you to ‘be prepared to eat anything’

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There were over 19,000 tweets about Hunted on the build-up to the first episode and OMD UK smashed their campaign targets.

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