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OMD FWD w/c 16th April

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As we skip Spring and go head first into Summer, Mark Zuckerberg was also plunged head first into his appearance at Congress where he was grilled for over 5 hours by US lawmakers on the social network’s role in democracy. The other social networks were also on high alert with Instagram now giving users the opportunity to download a copy of their data, and Twitter has agreed to comply with the Honest Ads Act.

Nielson the leading global information and measurement company has released a tool that will make it easier for advertisers to buy commercial space armed with more granular audience data. Google has launched a new reach planner for YouTube on Adwords.


  • As Mark Zuckerberg faced a grilling from congress, Vice dared Facebook users to shake up the algorithm by liking posts they hate and Facebook tested new ways to get more people using stories
  • In light of the controversy surrounding Facebook, Instagram is going to let users download a copy of their data
  • Twitter has agreed to comply with the Honest Ads Act, as a new study reveals two thirds of real news articles on the platform are shared by bots
  • Nielsen has released a tool to incorporate custom audience data and Google launches a new reach planner for YouTube on Adwords



  • Nike brings out new limited edition trainers that function as connected devices
  • A new video format being tested by Unilever allows users to select a charity to benefit from the ad revenue, based on their watch time
  • Social media activist Chessie King features in an anti-trolling campaign to promote body confidence


  • A smart license plate in Dubai is being tested that contacts paramedics in the event of an accident and the Minority Report could become a reality, as India turns to AI to predict crimes
  • Google and the Girl Guides have teamed up to get more girls involved in coding
  • Social media has become pivotal to the Interior Design industry as consumers strive to capture the Instagram worthy

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