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OMD FWD w/c Nov 21st

Black Friday is fast approaching. As people get ready to hit the online sales, reports are predicting that shoppers will return over £1 billion worth of goods purchased. UK shoppers will spend £5bn in a four-day internet shopping frenzy from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Yet, these huge returns will result in tying stock up for three to four weeks in the supply chain returns loop. As a result, on any one day, there is roughly £978m worth of e-commerce stock tied up in the returns cycle in the UK alone. E-commerce returns are costing the industry £25.5bn each year. It is clear there is a problem that needs tackling. One such problem is that products aren’t as expected from their online descriptions and images. Using the data that is already collected, there could be simple fixes to reduce the number of returns and money lost.





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