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OMD FWD w/c June 6th

Over 28 million people have committed Netflix infidelity by watching a TV episode without their partner, with 12% of “cheaters” then admitting to re-watching the show with their other half pretending it’s the first time they have seen it. So to help couples stay faithful, ice cream brand Cornetto has come up with the perfect solution. Coined the Commitment Rings, couples can register the NFC-connected rings via the app, log in and watch their favourite series, but only when the rings are together, putting an end to what Cornetto has called the “worst type of cheating”. Cornetto is currently negotiating with streaming apps, including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime TV, with a view to launch the rings in the near future. While this sounds a truly brilliant insight-led idea, we do wonder if this will become more than a PR stunt and be used on a day to day basis by consumers. As always, share anything interesting you spot with #OMDFWD


  • With DeepText Facebook will be able to ‘instantly’ understand every post and every message, and react accordingly.
  • Instagram officially launches new tools, confirming much of what had been rumoured previously, including new business profiles and analytics. Recode have not been alone in commenting how the Instagram business model is looking more and more like the mother ship, Facebook.
  • Google AMP is getting mixed reviews from publishers.




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