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OMD FWD w/c 29th October

Hello and welcome to your weekly FWD,

We’re getting musical this week as both Facebook and Instagram introduce additional music streaming capabilities to their platforms. Throwing it back to the old MySpace days, Facebook will soon introduce a profile song feature, where you can attach songs to your profile and pin them to the top. You can already attach songs to photos and videos on your Facebook feed, and they’ve also added lyrics to this feature for optimal sing-along potential. Instagram is also incorporating SoundCloud tagging into their stories. The downside? The song won’t actually play – but you can get the link to the artists’ channel. Long live lounge room karaoke.

Speaking of using one’s voice, 9 out of 10 smartphone owners use their voice assistant, with 41% using it daily. Ok Google, what will advertising on voice look and sound like then? Platform owners are wary of paid advertisements because they may disrupt the user experience. “One of the things that’s interesting if you look at millennial’s is that they are happy to give their data away if it makes their experience better. It’s just a matter of looking at the data you have and how that magnifies rather than dilutes a users’ experience.” Will it compute or mute?


  • Philip Hammond, the UK Chancellor, is today setting a deadline for the implementation of a new sales tax for large tech companies such as Amazon.  And the UK isn’t the only country seeking to impose new taxation, in what is now becoming a global push
  • Facebook’s £500k fine for the Cambridge Analytica scandal has been upheld, the ICO has announced
  • Snapchat is launching its AR capabilities in a webcam version and across a host of streaming and calling services
  • Twitter is set to remove the ‘Like’ button in an attempt to improve the quality of debates




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