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OMD FWD w/c Sep 5th

Mobile phone carriers will not be able to deploy network-level ad blocking to their services after the EU published it’s long-awaited net neutrality guidelines. The purpose of this report is to clarify how the data is handled and passed from service providers to their networks. Carriers have been testing their ad blocking techniques on customer apps and the internet through their data centers. As pointed out by The Financial Times, this outlaw will essentially prevent Internet Service Providers from doing this. However, this does not prevent customers from downloading adblocking software themselves, it’s just the local carriers who will not be able to implement it on behalf of customers. An Israel-based tech company called Shine argues that ads eat into as much as 50% of the users’ data plans and that “European citizens have a right to protect themselves from being tracked, profiled and targeted by ad tech”. As Business Insider points out, the UK will have to wait post Brexit from the EU to progress further with mobile adblocking.  As always, please share anything you find interesting with #OMDFWD


  • EU has moved to block mobile networks ad-blocking ambitions
  • All out of Nerf? Amazon launches Dash, the press-to-order product buttons in Europe
  • Samsung recalls its latest smartphone due to concerns about the Lithium battery explosions
  • Taking on Snapchat? How instant video messaging is now open to Facebook Messenger users


  • Google will find the insights for you after injecting machine learning into their app analytics
  • How to make the most of Instagram’s new zoom feature
  • What to speculatively expect from Apple’s conference this Wednesday


  • Nintendo aims to tap into gaming nostalgia by bringing back the cartridge for its new console
  • Image recognition software Deepmask and Sharpmask (owned by Facebook) are being opened sourced
  • Take yourself off Facebook? You can only find Snapchat on Snapchat moving forward



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