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Regardless of where you stand on the relevance and value of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, there is still much to take away from this year’s event. Since its inception in 1954, the festival continues to evolve throughout the years adding a number of new categories from creative effectiveness to PR and Film Craft. OMD EMEA’s head of strategy, Mark Murray-Jones has expertly sifted through the huge amount of content on offer, from the brands and work to AI and data, to give you the lowdown on what mattered most.


Mark’s seven key Cannes Lions takeaways:

1. The anatomy of a successful client is changing – so must agencies.
2. The virtual reality hype is over – there are opportunities abound.
3. AI is infinitely more transformative than any other technology since the birth of the internet – it’s becoming the plumbing.
4. Think augmented rather than artificial intelligence.
5. The success of data is predicted on diverse skills and capabilities working collectively.
6. Collaborate or die – there’s never been a better time.
7. As for the work – technology is the great enabler, not just a filter.

It is easy to forget that the main reason for Cannes Lions is the work, with over 40,000 submissions and 400 judges selecting the winners. Having been a part of the media jury, OMD EMEA’s president Nikki Mendonça shared her insight on what it takes to win. Perhaps not surprising was that a key criterion for the media jury this year was seeing how the marketing drove tangible business results.


The OMD Oasis also returned for its fifth year. We hosted 22 sessions over five days, curating an experience for our clients, friends and partners to hear about new techniques, tools and ideas. With topics ranging from diversity and inclusion to innovation and growth, our theme throughout the week was to uncover how we make stories matter. Part of this was uncovering how people interact with emerging technologies and to this end, OMD EMEA’s strategy and product development director Jean-Paul Edwards discussed the results of our new research titled ‘Retail Revolution’ with Carlos Watson, which delves deeper into the impact of AI.


These are just some of our highlights from Cannes, explore more at #OMDOasis and on our YouTube channel.

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