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OMD FWD w/c March 28th

Microsoft may have made one of the biggest mistakes in recent memory. No it’s not the Windows 8…but an artificially intelligent chat-bot called Tay. Tay was designed to learn the art of conversation from humans on Twitter, and speak like a teenage girl. Instead Microsoft’s experiment turned into a PR disaster- within hours of being unleashed on Twitter the “innocent teen” bot was transformed into a misogynist and racist (to name a few) entity. With the AI market set to reach $11.1bn by 2024 the next step is teaching AI to play nice and police themselves. Read, learn and share away….!!!



  • We’re more honest with our phones than with our doctors, and how this could help
  • Facebook’s Basketball game notched up 300 million plays in its first week suggesting it’s a huge potential avenue for the platform
  • An interesting article exploring the issues facing AI after Microsoft’s artificially intelligent chat-bot was closed down for bad behaviour



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