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OMD FWD w/c Aug 1st

Facebook wants to be known as a place to search for mentions of current news in hopes of drawing more public chatter that normally ends up on Twitter. With that in mind, Facebook is now seeing 2 billion searches per day of its 2.5 trillion posts. That’s compared to 1.5 billion searches in July 2015 and 1 billion in September 2012, a 33% climb in just 9 months. While more posts and search queries could open up monetisation opportunities through paid search ads, Zuckerberg cautioned this would not be anytime soon.

Whilst Facebook recruited 60 million users this quarter compared to Twitter’s 3 million, their users are not accustomed to fleeing to the platform to proactively post publicly about current events. Facebook’s goal will now be to highlight why users should bring this type of conversation to the table. As ever, please share anything you spot with #OMDFWD



  • 84% of Facebook’s total ad revenue comes exclusively from mobile. That and other gems in their Q2 financial review and how the platform will make you talk in the future
  • Uber is pouring $500m into its map service, aimed at challenging consumer reliance on Google Maps
  • The total number of paid clicks on Google grew by almost 30% year on year – that and other insights from their revenue report



  • What’s the trump card to pull in a presidential race? The marketing strategy, obviously
  • How Kickstarter pushed crowdsourced investments into the mainstream and generated more than $5bn in the process
  • Given Snapchat has purchased Bitmoji, there are some implications for brands and marketers to explore

Finally, the US army could be about to have their own hoverboards and Kanye could be the creator of your next Ikea bookcase.

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