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OMD FWD w/c 30th October

Hello and welcome to our Halloween 🎃 issue of FWD! This week, iPhone X pre-orders are off the charts, and Facebook Workplace, an ad-free platform version of Facebook for the office, is set to crush Slack. Facebook also launches a screen-sharing feature into Live videos, opening possibilities in the gaming space, and denies eavesdropping on users’ conversations to target advertisements.

Into Stranger Things, Snapchat’s 3D World Lenses lets users access the experience by physically walking into an AR portal door and eBay launches computer vision search tools to find items using photos. If you follow the latest mobile apps, you will know HQ, a viral trivia sensation, that looks like the future of mobile gaming and live TV. Lastly, Amex and Acxiom create a prediction engine based on purchase data that can successfuly predict fraud.

Is it Man? Machine? Or Monster? Get spooked 👻 with these terrifying horror stories generated by an AI.





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