The Next Opportunity in Ad Space?
18 December 2020

Originally published on ANA Magazine by Michael Bürgi.

Marketers may consider the wild blue yonder for new branding opportunities.

Last November, SpaceX embarked on its first full mission for NASA, ferrying four astronauts (three from NASA and one from JAXA, the Japanese space agency) up to the International Space Station (ISS) on its Crew Dragon spaceship. The launch, which commanded ample media coverage, signified that space travel is back in the collective conscious. And that sparks a major question for marketers and ad agencies constantly looking for ways to cut through the proverbial clutter. Should they consider advertising in space, even if the ticket may be very expensive?

More recently, Estée Lauder in September shipped several bottles of its Advanced Night Repair anti-aging skincare product to the ISS.

While these advertising efforts generated some earned media, long-term commitments to messaging in space probably won’t materialize anytime soon. “It may be a giant leap for creative- and PR-kind, but I don’t know about media-kind,” says John Osborn, CEO of media agency OMD USA and former CEO of corporate sibling BBDO New York.

“We’re still a ways off from being able to do anything at scale. And that’s really the trick, isn’t it? To do marketing at scale for measurable results,” he adds. “Which is why, from a media perspective, this isn’t in our playbook. Everything we do is about showing clearly demonstrable results and measurement attached to it.”

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