The importance of data analysis in a competitive landscape
Alejandro de Girolami
28 Agosto 2020

Many marketing decisions made by companies every day are based on intuition or on partial data. This is not wrong at all, and it is part of the daily dynamic of the business world.

However, today it is still very common to see strategic decisions being made based only on owned data, without comparing it against the market and competitors for context. This can be very harmful for companies as they make decisions based solely on their own progress, and without knowing how they are positioned more broadly.

The only moment when this is acceptable, is when there is no further information available.  What if information was abundant, just as it is in the digital landscape? Not seizing it means to give our competitors an advantage.

We want to analyse the large amount of information available in the digital world and make it useful for our clients. This is so they can make a difference and beat their competitors – which is one of our objectives in the OMD Argentina Digital Department.

Thanks to a series of agreements with large data analysis companies and an in-house team capable of processing and distilling this information into insights, at OMD we can show our clients not only how they perform, but also what is their position amongst competitors.

Our competitive analysis service covers different areas: engagement metrics analysis of the brand’s competitors (such as visits or bounce rates), competitors digital advertising and media assessment, and position between competitors in search results, among others.

For example, we can also look at how COVID-19 impacts the automotive industry or how these companies have been increasing site visits exponentially from April onwards, when looking for alternatives to e-commerce.

In this graphic, we can see the increase in visits from April to June received by four car automotive companies in Argentina. In some cases up to 200% increase were recorded.



We live in a world where we can show our clients not only their own positive or negative evolution in digital metrics through time, but also open the whole bag and watch the same development from their competitors. OMD’s digital analysis team processes the information and turns it into practical recommendations, so our clients can make data-based decisions.

The Competitive Analysis service is a fundamental part of the digital team in OMD Argentina, as it can constantly provide detailed performance reports for our clients.

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