The fundamental ingredients for the finest client relationships
OMD Spain
25 June 2021

This was originally published on Marketing Directo and has been translated into English.

Logic and magic are, and will continue to be, the two fundamental ingredients in the relationship model with our clients. The model has one main objective: to grow businesses through the design and implementation of interconnected experiences between brands and consumers.

Transparency will continue to be the main asset of a trusting relationship. Agility is needed to face new sources of business growth. Businesses like ours, impacted by technology, need to constantly capture change.

This opens up the need to establish new types of experiences between brands and consumers. We are in an increasingly competitive environment, so it’s important to go beyond the sector where it naturally operates, and the changing touchpoint landscape. In short, as we say in OMD Spain, a relationship based on helping clients make the best decisions, faster and captures that change in an agile way and grows our clients’ business.

The first fundamental ingredient: logic

Thanks to the first ingredient, logic, and our dependence on data through analytics, today we are much closer to the main objective of growing our clients’ business. However, it’s not just a matter of the simple data of units sold or ROI. Making businesses grow also happens by helping their transformation.

It is vital to have more and new capabilities in the agency, with the corresponding upskilling and reskilling of everyone in the ecosystem.  A clear example is everything related to commerce. At OMD Spain, we work hand in hand with our fellow Transact commerce specialists.

From logic, automation arises, which undoubtedly helps us to gain agility. However, the application of this must go a step further and not only refer to doing more for less, it must also help the generation of interconnected experiences that is demanded by the consumer. However, the very origin of data-driven automation does not help this to happen in the way it should.

Magic is the second ingredient in customer relationships

Hence the importance of the second ingredient, magic, with our expertise and strategic contribution to make our clients’ business grow today, but also tomorrow. We must put much more value in the vision of the future as an industry.

Talent and capabilities are even more important than the scale itself. Talent must be integrated to gain sufficient speed and have the global vision of the consumer experience. Talent needs to be capable of bringing magic through their experience and quickly be able to work collaboratively with the clients in-house teams. This is very common in sectors such as retail, that are usually faced with the need for agility in dynamic implementation and access to results.

It is an environment where the consumer demands a holistic experience and customers tend to hold more agents responsible. In this context, collaborative work models between agencies, partners and clients are essential, with an increasingly modular structure that adapts without friction to the needs of clients’ businesses.

Highly enriching models is the end goal, which OMD has already implemented with both Omnicom-owned and external agencies. They have borne great fruit, such as the recent Pepsi MAX campaign to launch its new bottle made 100% from recycled materials.

In short, you must employ logic, magic and incorporate capabilities in an integrated way to quickly capture constant change. The only objective is to make the clients’ business grow, crossing the boundaries of sales data, and undoubtedly work collaboratively with different stakeholders in the construction and design of those better interconnected experiences.

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