Renault Germany uses programmatic advertising on Dazn in advertising first
30 September 2021

This article has been translated into English and was originally published in Werben & Verkaufen

Renault wants to reach new target groups on Dazn

Renault Germany, with its media agency OMD, is the first advertiser to use programmatic advertising on the Dazn sports platform. A partnership with Google is one of them.

The automobile manufacturer Renault Germany, together with its media agency OMD, is the first advertiser to use programmatic advertising on the sports streaming platform Dazn. Consequently, a strategic partnership was agreed with Dazn and technology provider Google. The primary goal, to address the target group that can no longer be reached through the classic use of moving image media in linear TV.

As part of the advertising campaign, Renault Germany is booking, for the first time, programmatic inventories on Dazn for the recently started Bundesliga season 2021/22 via Google’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) “Display & Video 360” in order to incrementally build up reach with the targeted addressing of the streaming savvy audience.

The real-time insights, which can be used for campaign optimisation at short notice, offer an advantage here. An internal Google live evaluation showed that on the first Bundesliga matchday over half of the Dazn audience who saw the Renault advertising for the Renault Zoe, Kangoo and Arkana models belonged to the so-called “Light TV Viewers” segment, users who typically consume linear TV for less than an hour a day and most of their TV and video content via streaming services. The programmatic control makes it possible to use these insights in real-time to implement the campaign in an even more targeted and thus more cost-efficient manner.

Use of the entire spectrum

“TV continues to be a mass medium and reaches many people, but everyone uses it a little differently. That is why we have analysed different types of TV viewers and usage intensities together with OMD and we have a stringent focus on activating so-called TV light viewers,” explains Ralf Benecke, CEO of Renault Deutschland AG, the strategic direction.

Investigations have shown that these “light viewers” can only be achieved to a limited extent or not at all via linear TV. For this, contact opportunities would be offered via various on-demand and streaming platforms. Benecke: “Here we use the entire spectrum of data, platforms and environments.”

For Dazn, cooperation is a step in the further development of marketing. “We are convinced that, as an OTT provider, you have to accommodate the advertising market and offer solutions such as how the ‘TV Light Viewer’ can be addressed in a scalable manner,” says Marketing Director, Haruka Gruber. Especially with sports broadcasts with their ideal natural breaks “to integrate brands and at the same time remain user-centred.”


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