Rapid Response: Most Contagious
19 December 2020

OMD landed at Most Contagious on Thursday 10th December to present the keynote session: Travel Revolution | 5 ways tech will be a booster shot to revive travel. Most Contagious delivers a year’s worth of insights and inspiration to leave attendees feeling inspired and equipped to create braver, better work.


Our session focused on how the travel industry is renowned for leading the way in technological developments that impact all sectors. The Travel Revolution posits that returning the category to pre-COVID levels will require not just a vaccine, but a series of technology-enabled “booster shots”. It’s time to take the wheel and embrace personalisation, AI assistants, augmentation of complete travel itineraries, and assess how AI can change the way we holiday in the future; to build trust, drive consumer confidence and inspire travellers to take to the air once more.


Experts from OMD EMEA tuned into the virtual sessions to gather observations and insights on the key themes coming out of this year’s festival, which have been distilled for this Rapid Response. From brand bravery and brand activism, to best-in-class work, we share our OMD point of view to help guide our people, and our clients’, decision making.


For more information, contact Vicky Bloyce & Danny Berliner

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