Portrait of the advertising industry: this is the sector through the eyes of the women who work in it
9 March 2023

For another year, half of the population demands equality this March 8. International Women’s Day is celebrated this Wednesday but, far from focusing on it as a celebration to use, society is increasingly aware that it is an opportunity to analyse, claim, fight and rethink.

In this special report of MarketingDirecto.com on the occasion of this 8M, we have brought together some of the most relevant women in the current advertising industry and they have given us their vision on stereotypes, positions of power, the commitment of companies, the actions that could be implemented in favor of equality or the advice they would give to the new generations.

Cristina Barranco, Managing Director OMD Spain

Briefly, how can advertising contribute to the fight for equality? What role does it have?

Advertising communication plays a fundamental role in this aspect. It has the potential to help change mindsets and foster a more inclusive, more diverse and empathetic society. Advertising is the type of communication that most uses symbolic and aspirational language and, well used, to give space to the different, it can be a fundamental part of the paradigm shift and that we all feel represented.

Has there been any advertising campaign this year that has surprised you by its way (negative or positive) of treating the figure of women?

I love “Poderosas” by Decathlon.

Management positions are mostly occupied by men in the sector. What can be done to get more women into decision-making positions?

This is already changing, we are fortunate to belong to a sector that promotes talent and diversity, regardless of gender.

Do you think there will be significant changes in the industry in relation to equality this 2023?

These changes are not only the responsibility of an industry, they are structural, they belong to an entire society, but I believe that the wheel has been running for some time. Companies are already picking up the baton and we are all implementing programs to drive these goals

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