OMD Spain use proximity marketing to promote the launch of McFlurry Conguitos
OMD Spain
7 6 月 2021

This article was originally published by La Publicidad and has been translated into English.


To help consumers make quick decisions, we must focus on emotions. Most unscheduled purchases occur from a sudden event that impacts the user and induces a reaction that is completed in a very short amount of time.

Proximity marketing is one of the most valuable tools to activate this type of offline shopping in a defined geographical area (a square, a store or even in the proximity of a specific product), because it allows direct communication with users’ smartphones (via GPS) by sending and receiving information, with the possibility of positively influencing the customer journey.

This technique is especially suitable for the retail and restaurant sector, which is why McDonald’s has decided to use it by relying on Beintoo, an Adtech company of the Mediaset Group specialising in data-driven advertising and location intelligence, to promote increased traffic in restaurants for the launch of the new McFlurry Conguitos.

The campaign, managed by OMD Spain media agency, was launched from March 30 to April 18, 2021 to a personalised audience, created through Beintoo’s patented mobile data, which included casual restaurants lovers and McDonald’s customers who were less than 500 metres from one of the brand’s restaurants, who had been previously geolocated using location intelligence technology.

In this case, consumers who were already interested in the products of casual restaurants and fans of the McDonald’s brand were immediately engaged with a notification on their smartphone and were encouraged to go to a restaurant near their location, to immediately try the delicious McFlurry Conguitos.

The activity generated an excellent average CTR of 6.18% and an average Visit Rate of 4.71%. Highlighting the public’s interest in the product presented and also the effectiveness of the proximity strategy. In fact, the user had the opportunity to obtain information about the product by clicking on the “discover” button in the notification format, access the dedicated page of the site and locate the closest restaurant using the map .

Sagrario Carrasco, Brand Lead of OMD Spain: “With this activation of proximity marketing through push notifications, the aim was to connect in a different way with McDonald’s consumers, a consumer that has changed and has become more digitised. It is very important to continue betting on innovation”.

“McDonald’s, with this action, has once again confirmed its intention to use innovative and data-driven technologies. The choice of proximity marketing has been very useful to involve consumers and offer them new products similar to their needs, especially at a time when the desire to enjoy restaurants again is growing stronger. In fact, at Beintoo, we always try to support our clients with the best advertising technologies and solutions that can respond to any type of objective following a full-funnel and omnichannel logic”, concludes Roberto San Valentín, Commercial Director of Beintoo Spain.


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