OMD Germany scooped 6 awards in The Internationalist Awards 2023
14 April 2023

At the Internationalist Awards 2023, OMD Germany was awarded 6 awards for Innovation in Media.

The agency scooped awards for the below campaigns:

Gold – McDonald’s – Plastic Kicks The Bucket

Fast food and sustainability don’t go together in people’s minds. So how do you credibly communicate that McDonald’s has saved over 2,000 tonnes of plastic since 2019 by changing its packaging in Germany alone? Through the first McDonald’s campaign that not only tells of sustainability successes, but also consistently lives them: integrated, attention-grabbing and with consistent eco-efficient media planning. Shorter spots, exclusively eco-certified advertising media and media-first murals, true to the message “plastic kicks the bucket” made of ecological wood and air-purifying paint. The result: 179% more trust in McDonald’s sustainability projects(1) and several tons less CO2 emissions compared to a classically planned campaign.

Gold – SAP – Contextua(i)l is King

The campaign proves that context makes the difference: the right message in the right context has much more impact than an oldschool algorithm-driven campaign. To deliver the right message in the right context, we address B2B decision-makers in exactly the right mindset and convince them of SAP’s business software solutions. How? With an AI that holistically analyses contexts on websites and, for the first time, places large-format bespoke executions fully automatically and only if SAP has the greatest possible relevance for decision-makers. The result: significantly better campaign values vs. classic benchmarks and a trend setting first mover approach for a post-cookie era.

Gold – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment– With Great Power Comes Great Experienceability

In the face of streaming offers overload, we solved people’s next “what and where to stream today?” decision before they even thought about it: We convinced them of “Spider-Man No Way Home” by bringing Spider-Man to people’s homes with a digitally immersive experience. And that’s a world first: no filter, no app, no landing page, no walled garden! Never before has an AR experience with real human and moving 3D models been accessible directly in an ad on the open mobile web.

Gold – toom– How Tackling American Football won ze German DIY Spirit

How? We reignited their passion for DIY by linking it with a real passion they already have but with DIY at its heart: American Football. With “Coach Esume” (the culture bearer of the German football scene), a fictional toom-football-team and a football-DIY-contest, we were everywhere American football was – and paid fans our “respect for those who do it themselves”. The integrated content strategy completely focused on a sport that no German DIY store has dared to tackle before us. Touchdown!

Silver – McDonald’s / McDelivery – #KeepOnGaming, We Deliver

McDonald’s on the road? We’re lovin’ it! But at home? There is too much choice, and especially the important target group of gamers too often prefers other ordering services. Simply showing McDonald’s ads is not enough to whet the appetite for BigMacs and the like at home. So? We turned a Twitch game into a real community experience that made gamers’ mouths water: virtual burger-roasting challenges! With a twist: the more viewers helped master the challenges, the higher the coupons that everyone could collectively earn! The effect? Coupons directly claimed, redeemed and over 50% new customer share for McDelivery. We love it!

Silver – Teekanne – When Data’s In Harmony: The Ohmmm-Score

The challenge of quickly getting the new tea “NamasTee” into minds and onto shopping lists of yoga-savvy, mindful selfcarers? TV is the most suitable channel for FMCG-launches but NamasTee is only 25% distributed. Since TV in Germany can only be booked nationally, the risk of disappointing at the shelf is high. Unless… we combine the actual distribution with target group characteristics and deliver the campaign only on target-group-smart-TV-devices within a 3km-radius of supermarkets that already carry NamasTee. The innovative and data-driven strategy pays off: 27% more relevant contacts compared to a linear TV flight and 76% consideration among yoga-savvy people.

To view the full list of award winning entries, click here: The Internationalist Media Solutions Awards (

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