OMD FWD: 8th April 2020
9 April 2020

This week COVID-19 continues to dominate our newsfeeds as we process the impact it’s having on our daily lives.


One of the favourite social distancing hangout tools to emerge, Zoom, has announced a 90-day freeze on new features. This is so it can focus all efforts on fixing important security and safety issues. YouTube is working around the clock to reduce suspicious content that is helping to spread the conspiracy theory about the link between 5G and coronavirus.


  • Messenger joined the Desktop club ? Facebook Messenger has upped its chat game by creating a new Desktop app that allows group video calls to take place on a computer screen.
  • YouTube got Shorts for Summer ? The OG video platform has decided to get down with the kids by rolling out a new short-form, user-generated video service to rival TikTok.
  • Are you staying 2 meters away? ✋ Snapchat and the World Health Organisation have created ‘My Social Distance’, an AR circle on the ground to help people keep their distance.
  • Supermarket safe sounds onlyGrocery stores around the UK are curating their playlists to help calm coronavirus food shoppers. Tracks such as ‘Toxic’ by B Spears aren’t allowed.



  • Video conference apps saw a record 62 million downloads during the week March 14-21 due to the new social distancing measures.
  • IAB have revealed that ad-blocking rates have remained at a steady rate of 23.7% in 2020, compared to 22.1% in 2016.
  • The accommodation site, Airbnb, has announced it will provide free accommodation for up to 100,000 COVID-19 responders.
  • Facebook has pledged to invest $100m into accurate journalism for both local news and worldwide news organisations.

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