OMD FWD: 4th March 2021
4 marzo 2021

Snap Inc. is gearing up for the future with multiple investments in more engaging advertising and AR innovations. These moves are predicted to lead to a revenue growth of 50% or more in years to come! Meanwhile, many were fooled in the latest deepfake scandal on TikTok, thinking that Tom Cruise had joined and uploaded content to the app. This technology is advancing faster than people think…



  • Facebook is bringing the beats ? Currently in the beta test stage, BARS is empowering aspiring rappers to create and share music content. Check out how you could get involved!
  • Instagram can take you to Mars ☄️ The partnership between NASA, Nat Geo and Instagram uses AR to give users an immersive 360-degree view of Mars’ panorama and take selfies with a robot.


  • American football re-imagined ? This digital league allows fans to get involved with real athletes. Fans pick their teams, draft players and call the plays in real-time, live on Twitch’s streaming platform. Click here to view more.


  • Shopify found that products advertised with VR/AR content saw a 94% higher conversion rate than products without that content.
  • A recent study shows that 61% of Gen Zers and millennials are watching more videos on social media apps, such as Snapchat Discover and Instagram Explore.
  • Think with Google shared its wellness research and says it’s here to stay in 2021. Search interest for shoppers buying ‘vegan meals’ has grown by 58% YoY.

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