OMD FWD: 4th February 2021
4 February 2021

This week it was announced that Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, is stepping down after setting up the e-commerce giant in his garage over 30 years ago. He will still be part of the business as executive chairman, which will allow him to have “more time and energy to focus on his other ventures”.



  • Spotify is playing with emotions ? Spotify has been granted a patent for technology that aims to interpret users’ speech and background noise to better curate the music it serves up.
  • Snapchat moves to the dark side ? Have you ever found that too much screen time can hurt your eyes? Snapchat is currently testing out a low light, dark mode option on some users.


  • Construction that cares ? Nexii is a construction start-up that uses eco-friendly tech. The company manufactures cost-efficient and sustainable building materials for various needs (i.e. commercial, residential, etc.).


  • A recent report has revealed that nearly 3.1 billion people worldwide play video games, which is about 40% of the world population.
  • Any feature implemented by Google will shake up the industry. Google Chrome for example accounts for around 65.3% of web browsing activity.
  • Data from eShopWorld revealed that cross-border e-commerce sales grew 82% YoY in 2020, as global retailers cashed in on new opportunities.

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