OMD FWD: 31st October 2019
31 October 2019

?? Happy Halloween! ?? Take a look at this year’s best Halloween ads! Ghosts and Pumpkins have taken over Snapchat as brands use AR experiences to spook their fans.

Showcasing the best way brands can capitalize on real-time marketing opportunities, Chance the Rapper shared his “second-best” favorite brands on Saturday Night Live and brands including Pepsi took to Twitter to respond. 



  • Would you like fries with that? McDonald’s turn to AI and machine learning in the hope that they can predict what customers want before they decide.
  • Instagram adds IGTV ‘series’ tool that allows creators to produce and segment their videos into dedicated collections so that viewers can watch and subscribe.
  • Ready, steady, cook! Our client PepsiCo partners with Xinova to digitize food preparation and uncover new data insights for restaurants.
  • Meet BERT, Google’s new machine-powered language processing technology, that understands searches even better than before.


  • Thimble or Top Hat? Hasbro creates a75-minute Monopoly theatrical gaming activation, that requires participants to complete challenges before they can buy properties and move around the board.
  • Instagram is now testing out a new process that categorizes users’ following lists into two broad categories, to help users manage what content appears in their home feed.
  • 72% of customers prefer learning about a product/service through a video. A recent report shows that video marketing is the most effective form of digital marketing.
  • After a slow start, more and more publishers who use Snapchat Discover are now finding commercial success from the nearly 5-year-old media feature.

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