OMD FWD: 29th April 2021
29 April 2021

Apple challenged and motivated its Apple Watch users to get moving! First, inviting the wearable tech users to do a workout on Earth Day and then by taking part in a dance workout on International Dance Day for the chance to win limited-time awards. Could this mean smartwatches are the gym instructors of the future?



  • Start subscribing on Spotify ? The podcast subscription service means that you won’t miss the latest episode of your favourite podcast and creators can charge fans extra for exclusive content.
  • Haircuts at the Amazon salon ? You can now test different hair colours using an AR mirror. Using QR codes to scan, you’ll be able to buy products on – you guessed it – Amazon.


  • Moving but made digital ? Dwellcome welcomes new residents or visitors to the neighbourhood. A digital concierge offers personalised recommendations; such as amenities, physicians, schools, dining and retail. Businesses can also leverage the platform to promote services.


  • Facebook looked into online purchasing behaviour during Ramadan. 51% of people surveyed agreed that it is the time to find the best deals.
  • Gaming has been on the rise for a while now, but COVID-19 has seen it go to the next level. Since March 2020, 28 million US gamers have joined the fun.
  • In 2020, advertising pulled in $146.9 billion for Google, which is 80% of its total revenue.

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