OMD FWD: 28th May 2020
28 May 2020

Social distancing has really made people put their thinking caps on. Katy Perry even got creative by performing a mixed reality showstopper during the American Idol finale.


Music isn’t the only industry embracing all things virtual, the sporting world has also turned tech-savvy. NBA players are becoming online coaches to dedicated fans during lockdown. Who will need to do things in IRL ever again?



  • Shopping is in the spotlight ? Pinterest has added a new feature that highlights product recommendations by fashion influencers. Shopping Spotlights will make sure you stay on-trend.
  • Twitter has a new story to tell ? Stories are on nearly every social media app, and Twitter is no exception. Fleets is being trialled on Italian users so new data can be gathered on the feature.
  • It’s a match made in heaven! ?Got the virtual date jitters? Airbnb and Bumble have come together to create fun and quirky online date experiences. They’re bound make conversation flow.
  • 2-click buying is the way forward ? Facebook and Instagram have made it easier to shop directly from the platforms. CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopes it will help businesses suffering from the pandemic.



  • The VP of agency and media solutions at Google and YouTube, said 80% of ads on YouTube in April were not related to COVID-19.
  • Last year the Cologne ad-tech fest, Dmexco, had 16,000 international visitors. It plans to welcome back attendees in September 2020.
  • Facebook has published an infographic with 8 useful tips on how to make your social posts more accessible.
  • Reddit is hosting a 12-week online advertising program, which will help people learn from professionals, and submit work for assessment.

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