OMD FWD: 25th February 2021
25 2 月 2021

Two social network giants have been making big changes lately. This week Facebook reversed the ban on news pages in Australia following recent conversations with the Australian government – click here for our views on the story. WhatsApp has also announced that users that don’t accept the new privacy policy will lose access to messages in mid-May.

Scroll down to discover the latest Facebook and TikTok updates, as well as a start-up sending robots to deliver beer all over New York.


  • FB climate change content ? The Climate Science Information Center is expanding its reach with alerts. The aim is to educate users about the impact of climate change and need for action.
  • TikTok x UFC partnership newsThe brand new partnership will see a range of exclusive live-stream content such as behind-the-scenes footage and engagement with UFC athletes.


  • Beer made more accessible ? TapRm is a new-age distributor and e-comm platform that “enables beer brands to reach consumers whenever and wherever.” The start-up connects beer brands to bars, supermarkets and restaurants in New York and uses autonomous robots for beer delivery.


  • Snapchat users are worth a lot of money. A recent study shows that Snapchatters hold a whopping $4.4 trillion in global spending power.
  • Twitter is a place where users openly talk about mental health. The Twitter Trends Report shows a 250% increase in conversations around grief.
  • Think with Google found that 83% of US adults have changed how they get their food and what they eat over the course of the pandemic.



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