OMD FWD: 22nd September 2022
26 September 2022

In this week’s FWD, we cover the latest update from Snapchat, which allows iOS users to use the app as a lock screen widget on iPhones. One of the major changes with Apple’s iOS 16 launch is the option to personalize your lock screen with widgets.

Snapchat has announced two Snapchat lock screen widgets, the first option is a small square that opens directly to the Snapchat camera and the second option takes users directly to a conversation with a friend or group chat.

“Our new lock screen widgets keep conversations saved right to your lock screen so you can start chats with one tap. With this tool, you can save yourself scrolling when you want to start Snapping, keeping visual conversations with the Snapchat camera right at your fingertips” the company said in a blog post.


  • TikTok follows Snapchat and Instagram in adding front and back camera features and launches a ‘BeReal’ inspired feature called ‘TikTok now’.
  • Instagram is internally testing a new monetization feature for creators called ‘gifts’. The feature allows creators to make more money on Instagram Reels.


  • PetDx has developed a non-invasive test that can detect cancer early in dogs. The startup strives to provide medical tools for detecting and managing cancer cells early in all pets.


  • Google Ads rebrands “ad extensions” as “ad assets” and launches better tools to manage and enhance them.
  • Discord adds Reddit-like Forum channels for chatting about specific topics to focus discussions.
  • Pinterest launches its “Don’t Don’t Yourself” campaign to tackle social media negativity and happiness saboteurs.
  • Instagram is prototyping a new media kit option to help creators showcase their values to potential brand partners.


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