OMD FWD: 21st May 2020
21 Maggio 2020

It has officially been ten weeks of working from home and we are starting to forget what an office looks like.


Who remembers Buzzfeed? It’s the platform that tells you what type of bread you are. Well they’re the latest in a line of COVID-19 casualties as they pull the plug on reporting news coming from the UK and Australia in an effort to streamline. Meanwhile, Facebook and GIPHY have a deal that is rumoured to be valued around $400 million. Talk about the big bucks!



  • Send your selfies for science ? Researchers are searching the web far and wide for face mask selfies. Snap away so you can help with a project on facial recognition algorithms.
  • Spotify launches Group Session ? Finally! Duel control over the party playlist. The new feature ‘Group Session’ will allow two or more Premium users (DJs) to control the music being played.
  • Time to take a shopping trip ? Facebook is using AI to become more shoppable than ever. From cars to fast fashion, a universal product recognition model will identify consumer goods.
  • Organisation is always key ?Microsoft is creating a brand new list app. The organisation tool will be rolled out on Teams, Outlook and SharePoint. Our inner neat freak can’t wait.



  • According to new figures from GlobalData, the total number of SVOD subscriptions is expected to rise to 44.6 million by 2024.
  • For the week of 23 March, when lockdown was enforced, UK installations of the social media app TikTok, surged by 34%.
  • The unified collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, has been deployed to 1.2 million users with an NHS e-mail address.
  • Snapchatters who registered to vote through its TurboVote process in 2018, via a campaign that was actively promoted by Snap, found that 57% went on to vote in the US Midterms.

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