OMD FWD: 19th March 2020
20 March 2020

During a week that has been heavily centered around COVID-19, we’d like to provide you with some escapism from everything that is going on in the world. With that being said, we do hope that you are safe and well during this unprecedented time.

Not everything has been cancelled! Facebook are still going ahead with the launch of their new social VR app, Facebook Horizon. Users received an invitation to a month-long closed alpha test, and will have to sign an NDA agreement due to the app still being in the early stages of development.

Meanwhile this week, Bill Gates, the co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, has announced he will be stepping down from the board and focus all his efforts on philanthropic work.


  • Alexa? How are my fans doing? ? Amazon Music has launched a new analytics platform for musicians. The app will provide artists with juicy insights and stats about their fans using voice data.
  • Free tech trials for everyone! ? Tech giants Microsoft and Google have announced that they are offering all corporate customers extended access to their collaboration tools.
  • Time to Netflix and Chill! ? A Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party lets you watch your favourite shows and chat live with your friends whilst being in self-isolation.
  • Want meatballs on that pizza? ? Pizza Hut and Ikea Hong Kong have collaborated on a special pizza, as well as a matching flat pack table that’s designed to fit a pizza on top.



  • Ads posted on the main feed of Instagram generate $20 billion annually in revenue, accounting for more than a quarter of sales at Facebook Inc.
  • Skincare brand, Urban Skn Rx, saw cleansing bar sales increase by 220% across all channels after featuring in a TikTok that went viral.
  • Intel have been working on a neuromorphic chip that mimics the characteristics of the olfactory bulb, using 72 different chemical sensors.
  • Those that will be using the new IGTV advertising program will receive a 55% share, which is the same rate that competitor YouTube is offering.

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