OMD FWD: 18th March 2021
18 March 2021

TikTok has shocked some users with a new privacy policy update. From April 15th, it appears that opting into ad personalisation will be mandatory, and ads will likely become more tailored based on what users do on the platform. Speaking of ads, Spotify is set to launch the Spotify Audience Network, an audio ad marketplace. Spotify has said the marketplace will be a “game changer” for podcasters looking to make money from ads.



  • Focus on safety for Instagram ? Instagram is working to become safer for younger users. It is testing a new tool which will prevent users messaging people under 18 that don’t follow them.
  • Demand for Snapchat Egg Hunt ? Do you know about the Great Snapchat Egg Hunt? Players use their phone location services to hunt eggs through Snapchat’s Snap Map. #Egg-cellent!


  • Supplements made easy ? myNUMEA is a personalised supplement dispenser that dispenses supplements as a blended liquid; eliminating the use of pills/capsules. Users can create customised supplement blends using a touchscreen interface.


  • Facebook conducted a study on diversity in digital advertising and the results indicate that women are 14.1 times more likely than men to be shown in revealing clothing.
  • Quartz analysed skin tones in 27,000 fashion and beauty Instagram images. Many showed evidence of diversity, but the increases were marginal.
  • Disney is forecast to take Netflix’s crown. In 2024, the Disney streaming suite is set to reach 295 million and overtake Netflix’s 279 million subscribers.

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