OMD FWD: 17th September 2020
17 September 2020

Whilst it may feel like the world is more fragmented than ever and true normality is still some way away, tech platforms continue to evolve to help us feel connected.

Facebook has launched ‘Watch Together’, which encourages users to watch videos together in real time. TikTok has also introduced a new video editing feature called ‘Stitch’, another way for its creative community to engage with each other.

Read on to find out how the latest e-commerce and video developments are working to reconnect us.



  • Watch Together on Facebook ? Nothing beats watching a movie with your best buds, right? Thanks to ‘Watch Together’, you can carry on the quality time, even if someone is quarantining.
  • TikTok take on a new feature ?️ The latest TikTok feature, Stitch, allows users to clip and integrate scenes from another user’s video into their own. No wonder everyone is obsessed!


Start-up news:

  • Sneakers that look and do good ? NothingNew is one of the latest sustainable sneaker companies on the market. The stylish shoes are made with 100% recycled materials such as recycled plastic and cotton.



  • In March 2020, 1 in 10 car buyers in the U.S. said they made their purchase online. Whereas in 2018, only 1% purchased a car online.
  • According to the IPA 2020 data, 76% of 15-24s have been using voice and video methods as preferred communication.
  • E-commerce has continued to dominate, with research showing that online sales have soared to more than 30% every month since April.

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