OMD FWD: 17th June 2021
17 Giugno 2021

As we approach June 19th, the date which commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, the industry is coming together across the world to reflect, educate and learn. The social media scheduling platform, Later, has shared suggestions on how brands can successfully celebrate ‘Juneteenth’ on social media this year. Click here to read the full article.



  • Messenger has been upgraded ? Upgrades include sponsored chat themes, a new quick reply bar for shared images, and QR and payment links that make it easy to request and send money.
  • Subscribe option now availableNewsletters are coming to a Twitter profile near you. Or, at least the chance to sign up for them is. The goal is to help writers better leverage their followers.


  • Transfer money in no time ? Zelle is a free app where you can send and receive money within seconds. Send money directly to and from bank accounts with no transfer fees for same day transfers. It’s a simple process that is different to competitors.


  • According to the Nielsen Global Consumer Loyalty study, only 8% of consumers consider themselves to be a committed loyalist to their favorite brands.
  • Twitter has seen a steady uptick in sports engagement. 30 tweets about sports are posted every second on the platform.
  • Insights from LinkedIn show that the amount of remote job listings for Marketing roles increased by 166% in the last six months.
  • Since Facebook launched the Blood Donations feature in 2017, it has expanded to 37 countries – now including Australia, Colombia, Israel, Singapore and Tunisia.

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