OMD FWD: 14th October 2021
14 October 2021

In response to increasing focus on inclusion, LinkedIn has launched a 7-page ‘Inclusive Language’ pocket guide to help brands formulate their messaging in with a considerate approach.



  • Twitter’s new timeline option ? Twitter is providing a quicker, easier way to regulate its timeline, allowing users to switch between ‘Top Tweets’ and ‘Latest Tweets’, choosing which they see first.
  • Instagram retires IGTV brand ? Instagram is merging its long-form IGTV offering into a general ‘Instagram Video’ format, to offer a more streamlined experience for users.


  • A speedy expenses process ? Pleo streamlines expensing, by enabling employees to submit a picture of receipts via a smartphone. Pleo’s platform then completes the expense filing, and helps finance teams to track employee spending in real-time.


  • Are you ready for TokTober? #Halloween tops the list of Halloween-themed hashtags on TikTok, with 20 billion tags.
  • Research from Deloitte shows that 80% of Snapchatters use the app to plan their holiday gifting.
  • Time for some R&R? Throughout 2021, Pinterest has seen a 12x increase in the search term “de-stressing tips”.
  • Squid games, gorillas and Britney Spears are the current Top 3 costume trends in the US, based on search volume, according to Google.


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