OMD FWD: 13th January 2022
13 January 2022

Only a few weeks into 2022 and there has already been new claims regarding social media’s spread of misinformation. YouTube has been accused of not doing enough to tackle the spread of falsehoods on its platform, according to a global coalition of factchecking organisations.



  • Sorry – it’s invitation only 📱 TikTok’s testing a new feature that lets creators invite connections from other apps to view clips and follow their TikTok profile. Anything for follower growth!
  • Twitter moves to full-screen 🐤 The update means users can add a full-screen video or image to respond to a tweet, with the original tweet embedded in the visual.


  • Get listening with Noveto 👂 Noveto’s mission is to elevate the audio experience with Smart Beaming technology that beams audio directly into the listeners’ ears for a private listening experience without headphones.


  • People are spending an average of 4.8 hours a day on their mobile phones, according to app monitoring firm App Annie.
  • Beauty ads using comedy with products drive uplift in watching the ad to the end with a 24% view rate.
  • Grazitti Interactive reported there has been a 92.3% YOY spike in social media ad spending.
  • Scrolling before bed? According to research by Sleep Junkie, it takes an average of 58 minutes to fall asleep after using Instagram.

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