OMD FWD: 11th November
11 11月 2021

Meta continues to dominate the news, with big changes for advertisers. It has announced that advertisers will no longer be able to target people based on political preference, race, or sexual orientation. However, they will still be able to target adverts based on age, gender and location.



  • Pinterest TV has begun 📺 Pinterest TV is a series of live, original and shoppable episodes featuring creators. Content will be updated daily as well as being available on-demand.
  • Enhance content on Twitter 🐤 The new tools will let users add stickers and text to uploaded videos and images, potentially giving their tweets more presence in the feed.


  • No time for waste at AltMat 🌲 AltMat’s mission is to use its proprietary upcycling process to re-purpose different waste for valuable alternate materials. Materials produced include apparel, interiors, accessories and packaging.


  • In research conducted by Google, the average page load time is 8.66 seconds, yet the recommended speed is 3 seconds or less.
  • Facebook’s global climate change report shows that Spain was the most aware that climate change is caused mostly by humans (64%).
  • Twitter has said that the shopping carousel feature improved YOY click-through rates by 20% during Q3 2021.
  • The shift to online clothes shopping is most common in Europe, with 31% stating they would stick with their changes in habits.


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