OMD FWD: 11th March 2021
11 March 2021

The whole world has been gripped by the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Debuting on Sunday evening, a whopping 17.1 million viewers tuned in to watch the drama unfold. To put this into perspective, an average Sunday evening attracts 6.5 million to CBS, who were charging advertisers in the ballpark of $325,000 per 30-seconds of ad time. This spectacle offered a glimmer of hope for a TV industry that has seen a rapid diminishment of live event programming.

We’re back again with another deep fake. This time it’s from client, PepsiCo, in it’s latest work for Mountain Dew. Click here to watch the lost episode of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting. Also, keep scrolling to discover the latest Twitter eCommerce and Amazon gaming updates, as well as a savvy start-up helping people browse the web with more security.


  • Twitter opens up shop ?️ With social media eCommerce on the rise, Twitter is making sure it doesn’t miss out. Check out the three exciting features currently being tested by the platform.
  • It’s GameOn with Amazon! ? Amazon’s GameOn app is a platform, separate from Twitch, made for sharing mobile gaming clips. You can download now on the iOS App Store.


  • Be Brave when browsing ? Brave is a web browser prioritising user privacy and security. The browser blocks websites and software that IDs consumers for tracking. The alternative search engine for mobile and desktop currently has 25 million monthly users.


  • Snapchat partnered with the IPG Media Lab on a research study to dispel the myth that 6-second ads aren’t as effective as 15-second spots.
  • shared a new infographic about the biggest social media platforms. One stat showed that 62% of Instagram users open up the app at least once a day.
  • 350 American Gen Z and Millennials were surveyed about their commerce habits, showing that 40% buy items whilst watching live streams on social media.


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