OMD FWD: 10th December 2020
10 December 2020
Last week Spotify gave us the treat that we’ve all been waiting for. #2020Wrapped enables users to look back in time at their own personal journey of music and podcast activity. The excitement was so high that it caused Spotify Technology S.A. shares to soar by 16%.


The social network buzz doesn’t stop there – scroll down to discover what Snap and TikTok have in store and how a startup is making finance teen-friendly.



  • Welcome to Snap’s Lens Fest ? What is Lens Fest? Lens Fest is a global and virtual event that explores the AR Snap lenscape. Click here to discover the various content talks that are available.
  • TikTok tests 3 minute videos ? Rumour has it that TikTok is branching into longer video content… three minutes to be exact. This could allow room for movie trailers and makeup tutorials.



  • Finance made friendly for teens ? Step is the new financial service for teens. Offering a free FDIC insured bank account, a Visa card and peer-to-peer instant payments via the app. After only launching two months ago, Steps has seen success with 500,000 new users.



  • The pandemic has created a new type of car buyer. In Japan, consumers are 2.4X more likely to want to purchase a vehicle entirely online.
  • Research conducted by Google shows that 77% of U.S. shoppers have decided that they will browse online instead of shop instore this holiday season.
  • In the last quarter of this year, more than 54,000 YouTube channels were terminated due to spreading hate speech.

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