OMD Australia tops RECMA qualitative rankings for the eighth year in a row
OMD Australia
6 April 2022

OMD Australia has taken out top spot in the latest RECMA ‘Qualitative Domestic Report’ released last week. This news follows the release of the RECMA ‘Quantitative Domestic Report’ in July last year, which ranked OMD in its consistent number one position for the Overall Activity Volume ranking.

RECMA is an independent research company who publishes media agency rankings on a global scale.

With a total score of 27 points, the qualitative report which covers vitality and structure, has placed OMD in the dominant profile. In producing the rankings, RECMA measures agency performance in areas such as new business wins, portfolio growth, awards, agency structure and expertise.

Agency profiles range from average, good, high through to dominant, with OMD being the only Australian media agency to consistently appear in the dominant profile since 2015. Performance throughout the years has resulted in OMD receiving scores of 24 points or higher since 2018.

OMD has experienced continued success over recent years through their sustainable growth strategy and a strong focus on equitable client partnerships. Some of their longest relationships span over 30+ years, with many of their client base having been with the agency for 10 or more years.

Sian Whitnall, co-CEO, OMD Australia, says, “We are extremely proud of the partnerships we have invested in across our entire client base. We are committed to creating partnerships that are sustainable for our clients, our people and OMD, something that is especially important in the context of the market in which we are currently operating. Our ongoing focus to ensure we have the right expertise, leadership and resource is why OMD continues its dominant position in the RECMA qualitative report. Our ongoing consistency is testament to the passion, capability and innovation that every OMDer brings to the table each day”.

OMD’s success is not limited to the local Australian market, with RECMA also naming OMD Worldwide the best performing global media network overall, earning its highest ever scores and maintaining a significant lead over the second ranked agency. They are the only agency to earn the “Strong Leader” designation and in addition to its top performance ranking, OMD Worldwide is also the #1 in RECMA Overall Activity Volume ranking with $36.7 billion.

Commenting on OMD’s latest third-party performance metrics, OMD Worldwide CEO George Manas, says, “As brands are emerging from two years of the pandemic, they are re-evaluating their tools, approaches and operations to best address new consumer realties. In turn, the role that media agencies play has become exponentially more critical and more expansive than ever. This report confirms that OMD has the talent, capabilities and platform expertise to lead clients into the future and accelerate their business transformation agendas to fuel growth.”

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