MTR connects Hong Konger’s with care
OMD Hong Kong
8 January 2021

MTR has been committed to nurturing a safe and welcoming experience for all passengers. They have championed this by addressing individual needs through dedicated services and improved facilities.


MTR, together with their Media Agency OMD, demonstrate this commitment in the launch of their latest campaign “Our journey towards social inclusion”. The campaign, which went live in late November, centres around three real-life inspiring stories. Through a video content series, we experience how MTR fulfils an individual’s unique needs first-hand.


MTR’s elderly discounted scheme enables Raymond, an avid music lover, to attend band practices and stay young at heart. Micky, a new dad, is offered peace of mind when he goes out with his family, knowing he can utilize MTR’s baby care rooms. Through Sharon’s story, we discover the freedom and mobility that MTR’s visually impaired enhancements allow those with limitations.


“We stand by unity and acceptance and are invested in fostering that culture for all. Moved by our passengers’ many stories from all walks of life, we identified their unique needs and invested in how we could support them. ” Karen Woo, General Manager -Branding & Marketing MTR Corporation Limited


“MTR imagined a campaign that celebrates the individuals who make up the rich diversity of Hong Kong, and we knew sharing these narratives with the broader community would motivate and inspire. ” Gary Wong, General Manager OMD Hong Kong


The campaign which relates to viewers on a human level, allows viewers to experience the brand through different lenses. MTR’s campaign exceeded the estimated video views by 50%, with over 9.5 Million views collectively. OMD’s strategy was to optimise towards high performing channels to achieve a reach of over 80%.  Relevant channel selection & authentic content generated engagement rates of 0.2% with 99.9% positive reactions. MTR’s efforts for inclusivity was recognised and reshared by various non-government organisations. MTR’s commitment to connecting Hong Kong with care has successfully sparked interest and encouraged goodwill all over the city.



Alana Zervos                                      

Marketing Communications Manager, Omnicom Media Group Hong Kong

E-mail: [email protected]

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