Media Buying Briefing: Omnicom’s OMD takes the next step in turning attention metrics into a valuable KPI for brands
29 12月 2021

As published in Digiday on 11/22/21

Written by Michael Bürgi

Attention in all its forms has inherent value. A teacher needs the attention of her students to help them learn. A parent needs his child to pay attention when teaching them how to safely cross a road. Likewise, publishers, platforms and all content makers need consumers to pay attention so they can prove the ad time and space sold to marketers can help move the sales needle.

Omnicom’s OMD is on a mission to turn all the intellectual effort that’s gone into considering attention as a metric into activation and a usable KPI. Omnicom Media Group’s newly elevated global CEO Florian Adamski hinted strongly that attention is a vital element in gauging effectiveness for clients in media when Digiday spoke with him recently. “We need a better way of understanding how consumers react to certain formats, platforms and devices,” said Adamski. “So attention planning is going to be one of our core initiatives going forward, and we need to redefine the outcomes of what we do.”

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