Media Buying Briefing: Omnicom Media Group’s Florian Adamski on why he’s not worried about a potential recession
5 Settembre 2022

Originally publish on Digiday.

Written by Michael Bürgi

Almost a year into his tenure as global CEO of Omnicom Media Group (OMG), Florian Adamski (known by colleagues and friends as Flo) still has to force himself to stay above the fray of details and increasing complexity of the modern media agency business. He confesses to always being a meticulous detail guy, but having 22,000 employees worldwide, and 380 different specialties all ultimately reporting to him, necessitates stepping back from the granular day-to-day of his remit.

Most recently the CEO of OMD Worldwide (part of OMG) and before that head of OMG Germany, Adamski worries less today about the economic environment, saying he expects the rest of 2022 to soften but with a quick, V-shaped recovery in 2023.

Adamski spoke with Digiday in the agency holding company’s headquarters in downtown Manhattan about how clients are preparing for the downturn and how he keeps his employees and his boss — Omnicom CEO John Wren — happy.

Click HERE for the interview.

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